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We'll buy your vehicle even if you don't buy a car from us.


We don't only sell new and used vehicles, we buy them too! All you need is an appraisal from our trained and helpful staff.

How Eurobahn Greensboro appraisals are different:

  • They're fast and free: Your appraisal could take as little as 30 minutes!
  • There's no obligation: We'll buy your vehicle even if you don't end up buying one of ours.
  • Our appraisers: They're highly trained and experienced to evaluate the cars we buy.

One-stop shopping:

Sell your current car to buy one of your choices all at the same place. You can even apply your written offer towards the purchase- efficient and easy! 

Why buy or sell your car anywhere but Eurobahn of Greensboro? With tons of new and used cars to choose from, Eurobahn Greensboro is your one-stop buying and selling center.
 Crown Automotive Group is a well-established, owned, and operated company founded to serve its customers for life. We believe in making sure each customer is treated with respect, honesty, and transparency.

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