Independent Mini Cooper Repair Shop vs. Mini Cooper Dealer Service Center

Mini Cooper Service Greensboro NCThe Advantages of Using an Independent Mini Cooper Specialist


If your MINI Cooper needs a repair, it is common knowledge for most owners to take it to the dealer for warranty related work. Many owners are not aware that taking your Mini Cooper to a local independent Mini Cooper mechanic for routine service will not void the warranty. Coming to visit with Eurobahn BMW MINI Mercedes-Benz Audi Greensboro NC as soon as possible will allow you the opportunity to get to know the service advisors and repair technicians that will be repairing your vehicle. This will give you a feeling of comfort, as well as trust.

Cost Savings at Eurobahn BMW MINI Mercedes-Benz Audi in Greensboro, NC


At our Independent MINI Cooper Greensboro dealer service center, we are able to offer substantially better prices than the MINI Cooper dealer service center. You’ll find that you will save a great deal of money. Your savings will come from the great parts and labor costs. The independent mechanic uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts. These parts are made by the same manufacturer that licensed them to Mini Cooper and using these parts will bring about a savings of at least 20%. In most cases, the Independent Mini Cooper technician will have a lower hourly rate than a dealer, which will give you additional savings. These savings will add up greatly and you will see the difference, especially on major repairs.

Experienced Mini Cooper Technicians at Eurobahn BMW MINI Mercedes-Benz Audi


Our Independent Mini Cooper repair shop is managed by Mini Cooper trained technicians that spent several years working at the dealer. When they left the dealer, they took with them their knowledge, skills, and experience. As the owner of a MINI Cooper, you will find this beneficial because you’re now able to access these skilled technicians for a fraction of the dealer prices. You can have the satisfaction of knowing that your MINI Cooper will be worked on by the same technician each time it visits the shop. Unlike the dealer service, where you may get a new mechanic with each visit, our Independent dealer makes certain that does not occur. This gives the technician the opportunity to build a relationship with you and your vehicle, and familiarize himself with it.

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